Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Hi all!

I am taking orders for kerawang/ cekak spider. Please email me at fabscarf1@gmail.com if you are interested before this Saturday, 17th September. Don't forget to provide your name, code no. and quantity.

Deposit is not required. 

Please go to link below to view the pictures. Thanks!

Kerawang/ Cekak Spider in Stock.


Kerawangs are back but very limited. Hurry hurry!

Material: Crystal stones, Alloy
Plating: Silver plated
They are bendable/moldable and light.

Code 105 - RM 45 Sold Out    Re-Stock

Length: 11cm, Width: 5cm

Code 106 - RM 55 Sold Out Re-Stock
Length: 11cm, Width: 9cm

Code 102 - RM 95 Sold Out Re-Stock
Length: 19cm, Width: 7cm
Refer Code 102 for more pictures on this kerawang and detail on the back view of the brooch.

More dangling!

New stock. Gold plating with colorful eye stones. Again, I have only one of each.

Note: The measurement for brooch shown below includes the pin size of 5 cm.

Brooch price at RM 45

Code 601 - Blue
Length: 16cm

Code 602 - Red
Length: 15cm

Code 603 - Cyan  SOLD OUT
Length: 16cm

Code 604 - Purple
Length: 17cm

Code 605 - Rainbow
Length: 16cm

Bigger size brooch price at RM 55

Code 606- Rainbow
Length: 16cm

Dangling Brooch

Lightweight dangling brooch for RM 45 .

Currently, I only have one of each so hurry!!

Code 308 - Silver
Length: 18cm

Code 309 - Gold
Length: 21cm