Thursday, April 21, 2011

Chiffon Twist

Limited Stock

Coral - SOLD

Blue Wave


Product description: Instant Twist scarf with motives.
2 layers of fabric in 1. Unique!!! Easily put on yet very stylish
Highly recommended!!!

Available color: Blue Wave, Coral and Dots.

Material type: Cotton, Spandex & Chiffon

Price excluding shipping: RM 159 for scarf only.

Price excluding shipping: RM 169/ set (with inner as shown)

*accessory is not included.

How to wear?


  1. Nasib baik aku terror discover camna nak pakai... hehehhehe terror jugak aku... walaupun konpius jugaklah awal2... heheheh

  2. senang je kan? sarung, twist and pin. so far ni mmg my favourite selain syria etc. class gitu. org ingat kita pakai dua kain padahal tak.

  3. stayellll... power seyh lilit2 lipat2.. nani pon tgh blaja.. hehe titie.. nani suke ar yg grey ni.. tp nani tanak anak tudung lekat kt dahi.. nak mcm coral.. ade tak?? bile ade baazar lg? nani dtg ngn kengkawan2..

  4. nanie, black inner with awning to match the grey ada. Bila nak ambik?
    bazaar tak tau bila lagi, nanti i update u kalu ada k.

  5. Eh anak tudung yg ko pakai ni xde jual eh? Bape harga ek?

  6. Nana, the one Im wearing? black inner with customised stones. Yup i do have it. I will whatsapp you for the price.