Sunday, March 6, 2011


Product description: Plain scarf with prints (as shown, inner is not included)

Available color: Ocean, Fire

Optional: With scattered stones.

Price excluding shipping: RM 129 (plain); RM 159 (with scattered stones)

Price for pleated inner as shown: RM 25


  1. Oooo.. cegini ke pakai scarf nie... heheh style sgt.... malu aku... haha I mean malu psl style sgt.. so I just go for my simple one... tapi tetap style kan....ahaks...

  2. Mummy Nana, maybe because model pakai inner pleated with brooch tu nmpk more stylish, kalu kenakan dengan round inner pun style tp not too much for you yg prefer simple. Your style is cun gak... sapa kata tak cun. Its all up to the individual.